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Venner Road Industries is a leading Abuja based company providing excellence and specialization in the field of Granite and marble tiles, surfaces, and worktops. They have been serving the industry of worktops since last seven years and are proud owners of the respect and trust of our clients who deem us as the best granite marble in company in Nigeria. Our services and products have been a part of projects like 6 top Star Hotels in Abuja. Our aim is to provide high quality yet affordable Kitchen worktops in London.

We are not only involved in the sale of Kitchen floorings and worktops, but we provide assistance in the entire makeover of your Kitchen. Our services include:

* Manufacturing
* Sale
* Architectural and Creative Designing
* Installation 
* Survey

We are here to offer end-to-end stone fabrication and installation services. We possess the finest quality of nature stones and stone veneers in Granite as well as Marble to ensure 100% quality satisfaction for our clients. We offer you a large variety of colours and designs to choose from. 
We have a whole range of template designs from the best range of bespoke kitchens In Abuja. You can select any one of them for yours or you can provide us your idea of dream kitchen and we will turn it to reality. We also provide modification services where we conduct survey on the existing design and materials of your kitchen and modify or repair them as per latest designs and trends. 

We possess a qualified and professional team of stonemasons that are specialised in making the most creative use of space through design innovation. Their services are assured to provide you the most unique and pleasant bespoke kitchen in London.

We offer kitchen worktops and surfaces in all natural stones and our range of products includes:

* Quartz Materials
* Granite Materials/Natural Stone Slabs
* Paving Stones 
* Marbles
* Granites
* Onyx Marble

Our products are available at the most competitive prices as we are known for providing best quality in lesser prices. You can drop a mail on this website for any further enquiries, assistance, or price quotes. So hire our services and get the satisfaction of getting your kitchen renovated from the best kitchen worktops supplier in Abuja. We are renowned in the sales of tiles, marble flooring and granites in the Deidei Market. Below are pictures of the different products we offer for sale..........


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